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Air Conditioning System
Precision Air Conditioning System

Precision Air Conditioning System (PAC) should be installed for critical areas eg. Server Farm, Network Centre, Robotic Tape Drive Area, Command Centre and Tape Storage & Printer Centre, where they require 24 x 7 operation hours. Normal comfort split air conditioner units can be used for non-critical areas eg. the General Office Area, Waiting Area and Meeting Room, to be operated during office hours. 

The process cooling or close control air-conditioning of PAC is recommended for Data Centre equipped with servers and network equipment that consist of sensitive microchips and electronic components which require precisely controlled air-conditioning environment e.g.: 22 °c ± 2°c, relative humidity of 50% ± 5% and low dust condition.

The process cooling system for Data Centre should be designed for duty and standby operation (redundancy) capable of operating 24 hours. The PAC units should have water detector underneath to detect any water leakage. 

Main features and benefits include the following:

- High specification range
- Easy installation and servicing
- Upflow/ downflow versions
- Reliable, high efficiency, energy saving scroll compressors
- Front access cabinet for ease of servicing
- Precise load/ capacity matching
- Low noise
- User friendly microprocessor controls
- Small footprint


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