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Door Card Access & Biometric Access Control System

Managing your data center is absolutely critical if you intend to keep your servers online and providing reliable service for your customers. There are a host of challenges that, if not properly managed, can bring down your data center.

For the "physical access" side of your data center management, your best option is an door Access Control System. An Door access system (using keypads, Biometric or proximity card readers) provides much more granular access rights than traditional metal keys and locks. Once you've given a key to an employee, that key can be lost, stolen, and used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An Door Access System makes it easy to give each employee or contractor a unique key or code with specific times of day and days of week when access is allowed. It's also easy to deactivate a missing key or revoke access privileges when an employee leaves your company.

Facility Access Control System Features

Easy Configuration of Employee Access Rules
Drag-and-Drop Access Granting and Restriction
Easy Configuration of Company Structure
Slick Employee File Input and Maintenance
Quick Schedule File Input and Maintenance
Create Several Departments, Groups, and Positions
Extensive Reporting
Real-Time Monitoring
Easy to Maintain

Facility Access Control System Benefits

Control Access 24/7/365
Monitor & Control Access for Visitors & Vendors
Save Money by Not Having to Replace Locks & Keys
Ensure Security with Employee Picture
Schedule General Admission Access Times
Create Holiday Schedules
Monitor & Quickly Resolve Issues with Forced Access & Ajar Doors
Review Security with Detailed Reports on Access & Door Events (Forced Entry, Unauthorised Access etc..)
Manage All Types of Doors
Facility Access Control Permits Access Based on Employee Schedule
Map Access Points by Department


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